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not building air and power steering reservoir overflowing

This truck owned by FCB Express came in May of 2022 for not building air and the power steering reservoir overflowing. After diagnostic testing it was found that the bearings in the air compressor had failed causing the rotating assembly in the compressor to lean which in turn took out the power steering pump/fuel pump. Upon disassembly we also found the rear gear train missing several teeth and foreign material embedded in the rod and main bearings. The rod and main bearings were replaced, oil pick up was cleaned, The air compressor and fuel/power steering pump was replaced, The rear gear train damages gears replaced, the power steering fluid was flushed and filter replaced, and engine filters and oil were replaced. Upon completion all systems worked as designed without issue.

Bullet proofed

This 6.0L powerstroke owned by Dana and Nancy Carr came in from a nearby shop in March of 2022 with a possible head gasket failure.  After diagnostic testing failed head gaskets were to blame. Upon starting disassembly the turbo was found to have also failed (pushing oil into CAC). We installed Arp head studs in the engine, replaced heads and gaskets, installed new injectors, installed new glow plugs and harnesses, replaced Charge air cooler and all piping with a banks kit, replaced turbo with a Garrett


This pick up came in July of 2022 with the complaint of the frame looking horrible. The loose material was removed from the Frame. A special undercoating was applied. The before and after pics are very clear of the result achieved.

6.7 Powerstroke

This truck came in January 2022 for a check engine light on and oil consumption issues. After diagnostic testing it was found that the turbo had failed. The turbo was replaced with a Garrett stock replacement unit and the check engine light and oil consumption issues were resolved. 


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